Germany: Rape of a 15-year-old girl – After days of silence, police have confirmed

The journalist Boris Reitschuster reports about another scandalous incident in the communist-islamist Shithole Berlin:

After three days of silence, the Berlin police reacted to my press inquiry and confirmed my report that a 15-year-old girl was raped at the airport lake on August 8. I’m still waiting for a reply, but on twitter the press office of the authority wrote: “We are aware of a sexual offence at #Airport Lake in #Tegel that was reported on August 8th. A suspect was investigated on the day of the crime. In order to protect the victims, we do not release reports about such crimes, also to avoid reliving the crime.”This justification is as strange as the long silence of the authority. According to this logic, a great many acts of violence should not be reported. Especially since not only was the rape kept quiet, but also the violence against the police on the same day at the airport lake, where officers were thrown objects and bottles at them. Protection of the victims can hardly be the reason for the silence of the authorities in this case? And what about the other crimes committed on the same day in the same place, including sexual harassment?And what about the fact that, according to internal documents, the most conspicuous crimes were those committed by “young males with a migration background and dark skin colour”?The silence of the police press office is particularly sensitive because reporting has a warning function. For other women, especially minors. The fact that this warning was omitted due to the silence caused massive displeasure in the authorities themselves. This was irresponsible towards other women and especially girls, the authorities said.A comment on my post in the social networks digged deeper and wanted to know whether the protection of the victims was connected to the identity of the perpetrators. In fact, the question is justified whether the police leadership would have remained silent even with “right-wing perpetrators”. Or if not migrants, but critics of Corona measures had thrown objects and bottles at police officers.

The big question that comes up: Does the police leadership or politics simply not want the public to be “worried”?

PS: Two days after the rape and the riots at the lake, the newspaper B.Z. published an article with the title: “Group cuddling at the lake”. It says: “Why look far and discuss about #travel returnees when such conditions are prevalent in #Berlin on weekends. #Corona seems to be over, there’s no other way to explain this carelessness.#

PS: Especially remarkable: To this day the police refuse to answer me. The newspapers Bild and BZ of the Springer publishing house are days late in publishing reports that conspicuously resemble mine.The police confirmed the incidents to the BZ – the police remain silent to me. Looks like a violation of the principle of equal treatment – especially since my request was sent out days earlier.

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