Germany to Dim Lights on Behalf of Insects

Just when it seemed America had gone so far off the rails that no one could top us for moonbattery, Germany steps forward with a reminder that progressives always find a way to progress even further into abject insanity:

In a draft law seen by AFP, the country’s environment ministry has drawn up a number of new measures to protect insects …

Light traps for insects are to be banned outdoors, while searchlights and sky spotlights would be outlawed from dusk to dawn for ten months of the year.

The draft also demands that any new streetlights and other outdoor lights be installed in such a way as to minimise the effect on plants, insects and other animals.

If Germans don’t drop the green energy idiocy, they won’t be able to keep the lights on for much longer anyway. Since they have doomed themselves to stumbling around in the dark, they may as well get virtue points for it.

Can they push the crazy even farther? Sure they can. Orchards “are to be protected as natural habitats for insects.” Those who thought the point of orchards was to grow fruit for people to eat now stand corrected.

It’s all part of the government’s “insect protection action plan.” Only self-interest can explain bureaucrats protecting insects at the expense of taxpayers.

Germans have gone batty for bugs before:

Earlier this year, electric car giant Tesla faced delays to the construction of its new “gigafactory” outside Berlin due to the relocation of several ant colonies away from the building site.

No doubt the insects are grateful for the solicitude.

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