Germany: Muslim strangled mother beside baby, among other things also because she had her common baby baptized

The crime was committed in the hotel “Pelli-Hof” in Rendsburg: A mother (28 years old) is strangled to death next to her baby. Now, her killer tells the Regional Court in Kiel about the course of the night of death in the hotel room.

The Tunisian Hamzar D. (25, previously convicted of violent crimes) and Ann-Kathrin K. had met in a disco. In July 2019 their child, a boy, was born.But after the birth she changed her behaviour”, says Hamzar D.There was a quarrel, then the break-up. He complains that the mother had withheld his son from him for a long time, and then she would have made his boy a Christian.

Dates with her were violent, there was fighting and a ban on contact. Nevertheless, the two continue to meet. They spend the night to February 13th in a hotel room, drink vodka Red Bull – he says they had sex. Then their child wakes up, screams. The mother leaves the hotel room. He takes care of his son. He falls asleep.

D. discovers photos of men on his ex’s mobile phone. He freaks out, tries to hang himself in the bathroom with his belt, slits his wrists and swallows up to 70 tablets.

Ann-Kathrin K. is coming back. There’s a fight. He chokes her. “I just wanted her to be quiet.” The woman collapses. D. tries to revive her, calls the ambulance. The police arrest this man. Her baby’s going to a foster home.

The victim’s mother and sister were in the courtroom, horrified to hear the details of the night of death.

The trial continues on August 14th.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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