Germany: Afghan rioters beat rail passengers and police officers and injure many of them

Two men aged 18 and 20 years have beaten and injured at least two passengers in a regional train the day before yesterday Monday afternoon at about 4:15 p.m. and attacked several policemen deployed for this case at Ulm main station.According to the current state of investigations, several passengers on a regional train between Blaubeuren and Ulm apparently first approached the two young men, as they were probably talking too loudly on the phone and several passengers felt disturbed. The two Afghan citizens are said to have reacted violently and suddenly hit two passengers in the face. The passengers suffered several haematomas on their faces as well as scratches and abrasions. When the regional train arrived at platform six of Ulm’s main station, several patrols of the federal and national police, alerted by witnesses, were already on the spot to arrest the suspects temporarily.When the two men, who were drunk to an alcohol level of over 1.5 per thousand, spotted the police officers, they immediately reacted violently and attacked them as well. The 18-year-old professional martial artist and his 20-year-old companion attacked the officers by means of blows and targeted kicks, so that the situation on the platform could only be brought under control with the help of service dogs, pepper spray and batons and the two suspects were arrested for the time being.During the attacks and the subsequent arrest, three police officers were slightly injured, two of whom are incapable for work for the time being. The men already known to the police suffered eye irritation and haematomas during the arrest. They were released in the evening after the police measures were completed. Several bystanders took note of the arrest on the platform and partly recorded it.Witnesses are asked to call +49711870350 and, if possible, to make their film recordings available to the Federal Police for investigation.

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