Germany: Turk stabs a passenger in a public bus and injures him seriously

Bloody deed on the public bus 601 on Monday afternoon in Bonn!

According to police, the bus was travelling near the main station with several passengers on board. Around 4 p.m. the shocking incident occurred: a man (55 years old) attacked another passenger (22 years old) on the bus, allegedly using a knife, according to investigators.The victim suffered life-threatening injuries, was taken to hospital after emergency medical treatment, where the 22-year-old underwent emergency surgery. His condition is still serious, police said on Tuesday. According to information from the newspaper “Bild”, the young man suffered stab wounds to his upper body and head. A video camera that was installed in the bus recorded the attack. The perpetrator is a man of Turkish origin, the victim is German.Police officers were able to make a provisional arrest of the suspect on the spot. Apparently another passenger bravely intervened – and not only prevented worse from happening, but also overpowered the knife man and incapacitated him so that the police could arrest him. The perpetrator himself suffered an injury to his hand, which was treated as an outpatient in a hospital. The attacker then was brought to police headquarters for questioning.Around twenty passengers who witnessed the extremely brutal attack had to be given psychological support. Other passengers had fled the bus in a hurry. They are asked to report to the police as witnesses.A homicide squad is now investigating the background of the crime. According to the newspaper BILD, the perpetrator and victim boarded the bus at the same stop. They are checking whether the 55-year-old is mentally ill.

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