Germany: Afghan asylum seeker brings train service to a standstill

An Afghan asylum seeker brought train traffic to a standstill on Saturday afternoon.

A 21-year-old Afghan was travelling by train from Braunschweig to Schöppenstedt on Saturday around noon. Since he had neither a ticket nor money with him and did not want to identify himself, he was taken off the train at Dettum. Afterwards the fare dodger apparently went berserk.On foot, the 21-year-old walked on the tracks. He did not make room for an oncoming train either, so the train driver had to stop the train. The Afghan then began to throw stones at the locomotive. The train driver finally took pictures of the rioter and forwarded them to the Federal Police.A short time later, another train rammed three logs that the Afghan had presumably placed on the tracks and could not move on. In the meantime, the Federal Police – also with the help of a helicopter – searched for the Afghan and finally arrested him in Schöppenstedt. The 21-year-old asylum seeker was charged with dangerous interference with rail traffic as well as damage to property and fare evasion.

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