German Foreign Minister appoints dubious Islamist as advisor

Espionage and infiltration of the highest government offices by potentially anti-constitutional, questionable organisations are now a thing of the past – in Germany, the government installs its Trojan horses in its own ranks right away – as the case of a highly controversial advisor in the Foreign Office proves.With the appointment of permanent headscarf wearer Nurhan Soykan, the deputy chairman of the partly Islamist Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD), the Foreign Ministry under Heiko Maas once again has let the fox guard the henhouse.From now on Soykan will be a member of the team “Religion and Foreign Policy” – and will represent the interests of the ZMD there. Under the leadership of its chairman, Ayman Mazyek, who is permanently courted by the Berlin government, the ZMD is erroneously regarded by German politicians as having the apparent authority to represent the interests of Islam (as is similarly the case regarding the Central Councils of Sinti and Roma or of Jews) – although the ZMD represents only a small fraction of German Muslims.Among the Islamic associations that have come together there are predominantly anything but completely reform-oriented, secular Muslims or Muslims who are willing to become integrated, but rather “sleeper agents” who are organized in partly radical Islamist organizations such as the Ülkücü movement (ATIB) and who are observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution because of their closeness to the right-wing extremist, national Turkish “Grey Wolves” – and who also maintain close contacts with the anti-democratic, totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood.Thus, Nurhan Soykan, another Islam lobbyist from a more than questionable background, has entered the “inner circle” of Berlin’s left-wing government, where she can influence the future course of continued Islamization and “advise” her embarrassing minister on his future foreign policy surrender behaviour towards mullahs, the Erdogan regime or Arab weapon buyers. The journalist Ali Ertan Toprak twittered stunned about Soykan’s appointment: “Don’t be surprised if A. Mazyek is soon appointed to be the Federal Government Commissioner for Islam. There is nothing more to say.

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