Black Lives Matter Maniac Kneels on Baby’s Neck

This is what they mean by “racial justice”:

The idea was to reenact the George Floyd killing, in which a white police officer restrained a drug-crazed violent career criminal by kneeling on his neck, accidently killing him. The caption “Blm now mf” tells you all you need to know about the mentality of the people involved.

How did Isaiah Jackson get ahold of a white 2-year-old to torture? He is dating the child’s mother:

[The baby’s paternal grandmother] said that the mother is not normally like this and that she suspects it is because of the people she has been hanging out with.

In the mother’s defense, it is very politically stylish to hang out with such people.

Fortunately, there were no physical injuries. Child Protective Services is involved; it looks like the baby is in his father’s custody for now.

At last word, all Jackson has been charged with is a parole violation, probably related to a 2018 domestic violence conviction. The mother has not been charged. Clark County, Ohio officials say they are at a very early stage of their investigation. They had better hurry, before Democrats defund them.

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