More than half of Hamburg’s inmates are foreigners

More than half of the prisoners in Hamburg prisons do not have a German passport. Notably, Hamburg – a city-state – has its own police force since law enforcement is the responsibility of German states.

An inquiry from the AfD parliamentary group in Hamburg revealed that the proportion of foreigners was 56 percent even though only 17 percent are non-German citizens in the Hanseatic city. The number of detainees with a German passport from a migration background was not clear from the information provided by the Senate.

Among the 975 prisoners living abroad, Turks are the most, with 123 people while 383 of the prisoners already have a criminal record. Foreign offenders costs Hamburg taxpayers almost 67 million euros annually.

AfD chairman Dirk Nockemann demanded that the foreign criminals be deported as quickly as possible. They “have no business in our country,” he emphasized. According to the Senate, 403 of the foreign prisoners are to be deported only after serving their sentence.

The AfD called for recording immigrant prisoners last October. “At a time when it is easier than ever to get a German passport, the distinction based on nationality is no longer sufficient,” said Andreas Mrosek, a member of the AfD Bundestag.

Compared to 2008, the proportion of foreign prisoners has increased to around eleven percent within a decade.

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