Germany:Further homicides committed by North Africans in Siegburg and Mannheim

A bloody crime raises many questions: On Wednesday morning (July 15), police in Siegburg caught two apparently drunk men (both 28 years old) – one of them was injured in the upper body area. A short time later a corpse was spotted…

On Thursday the judge issued an arrest warrant for the two refugees from North Africa – for joint murder.The clues about the suspects, who were on their way to the street Aulgasse on Wednesday, had been given by a passer-by. He called 911 at about 6.40am. However, the emergency services only found the injured man on the spot, his companion had walked away. The man was immediately taken to hospital.The 28-year-old was accommodated in the central accommodation facility in Sankt Augustin. When the police investigated the surrounding area, they also came on the trace of his missing companion.

“Afterwards, police investigators finally went to the home address of a man in Lohmar who, according to witnesses, is said to have had contact with the injured man,” said a police spokesman.

The police finally found the 45-year-old man dead in his apartment – an alarmed emergency doctor was only able to determine the man’s death on the spot.

The victim, who lived in a complex of houses accommodating both refugees and homeless people, was also a North African. He is said to have been stabbed to death.

Due to the circumstances a homicide squad under the direction of Michael Brück in close cooperation with senior public prosecutor Claudia Heitmann started investigations on the spot.

Finally, the injured man from the refugee shelter was provisionally arrested. His companion was also arrested. Now both are in custody.

The motive is still unclear. Both suspects and victims are or were known to the police for drug offences. It’s possible that a dispute between them escalated–45–im-rhein-sieg-kreis-duo-aus-fluechtlingsheim-wegen-mordverdacht-in-u-haft-37022986

At the request of the Mannheim Public Prosecutor’s Office, arrest warrants were issued by the Mannheim District Court against two Tunisian nationals. Both are strongly suspected of having jointly attacked a 27-year-old man, who is also of Tunisian origin, on Wednesday evening at about 8:10 pm in the area of the street Mittelstraße in the Mannheim-Neckarstadt district.The 22-year-old suspect is accused of having attacked the 27-year-old man with a knife in such a way that he suffered a severe lung and heart injury, which led to his death in hospital that same evening. In addition, his 26-year-old accomplice, who had participated in the attack on the 27-year-old with physical violence, is being investigated for dangerous bodily injury.The suspects had initially fled, but were provisionally arrested that same evening as part of the police investigation. The suspected murder weapon was seized at the place where they were arrested.At the request of the Mannheim public prosecutor’s office, the Mannheim district court issued an arrest warrant against both suspects. After being brought before the investigating judge and execution of the warrant, they were taken to different prisons.

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