WATCH: Migrant mass brawl in a formerly peaceful East German city

In the evening of July 16, 2020, a brawl between ten aliens breaks out in front of a gambling house in the street Mühlenstraße in Fürstenwalde.

The fight went on for ten minutes, and police forces called in were attacked. In their fury, the men used the chairs of a neighbouring snack bar as weapons. Broomsticks, display boards and at least one knife were used in the fight. There is a 30-second clip of the clash, which can be seen here. So at the 17th second, an apparently German passer-by walks right between the fighting groups and tries to settle the dispute. The naivety of his action may be due to a certain East German multicultural inexperience.He takes flight when he spots a sharp object in the hand of a rioter standing next to him. As usual, the reason for the argument is unknown, the police are keeping a low profile. Witnesses describe mutual provocations from an apartment above a gambling house against a group of men standing on the street Mühlenstraße. The police came with 30 officers. 3 ambulances had to transport 4 injured persons.

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