Urban guerrillas: 200 ‘youths’ clash with French police – no arrests

An episode of urban violence shook the Remblai or embankment and the large beach of Sables-d’Olonne on the night of July 14 to 15, 2020.

According to sources, the security forces intervened to calm and separate African and Arab youths – more than 150 – in the seaside town in Western France, on the Atlantic Ocean.

“But when they saw people in blue coming, they got together to attack the cops. They took bottles and everything they had on hand,” a witness told actu.fr.

The National Police Alliance union, which estimated the number of youths closer to 200, called the mob of migrants “an urban guerrilla – our colleagues received fireworks and glass bottles from the beach”.

“These were young people, even very young people,” according to a source close to the investigation, who also spoke of gangs from La Roche-sur-Yon and Le Mans who had come to battle in Les Sables-d’Olonne.

Faced with the large number of aggressors, no arrests were possible, police sources said.

On the previous day, violence broke out in several places in the country, against the backdrop of a national holiday. BFM Paris reported, with supporting images, that numerous mortar and firecracker launches were heard in Île-de-France.

In Vitry-sur-Seine several vehicles were set on fire in a covered parking lot. In Étampes, in Essonne, a firefighter was shot after he intervened with his colleagues to douse a vehicle on fire. The fireman was the target, according to initial reports, of a small caliber rifle. Injured in the leg, the victim was taken to hospital.

On Twitter, a journalist from RT France reported that “several fireworks” had been aimed “in the direction of the police” in a general climate of tension. Several police officers were injured.

On the site of an institution attached to Matignon, the evolution of the presence of non-European immigration in many urban areas are mapped. The category “0-18 years old, Child of Immigrant Parent (Outside Europe)” shows the most relevant data of France’s demographic future.


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