After unrest in German refugee accommodation: An Imam has to mediate

A new escalation level has been reached. Dissatisfied asylum seekers, who act as if they were self-paying business travellers in a home built especially for them, in the middle of a charming landscape conservation area in Frankfurt on the Main, have been a frequent sight. What is new, however, is that the responsible authorities and operators of such accommodations, in their blatant helplessness in conflict situations, know no other way to help themselves than to involve a Muslim Imam, so to speak as a “person of respect”, mediator and last instance.Because the residents there were using illegal hotplates, the power supply was constantly overloaded and therefore it was completely switched off. For reasons of fire protection.Of course, the refugees, who were supposedly restricted in their autonomy, did not understand this and went on a rampage.Thereupon, no harsh measures were taken, as would probably have happened in all reason-based countries of the world, but a religious authority from the nearby mosque was involved through the mediation of the police and the home management – the Diakonie in Frankfurt.Because, according to their own statements, a “spiral of suspicion” had long existed between the touchy people seeking protection and the church home managers. The compromise worked out by the imam in this case is: from now on halal food and drinks are prepared and delivered to the touchy guests by an external catering service. Naturally in accordance with their culture and religion. For the moment they are thus calmed for the time being.Once again, it has been shown that state institutions and executive powers, which are respected as authorities by all other citizens here in the country, are not accepted in such communities, indeed sometimes not even acknowledged. They are therefore at best seen as annoying servants who have to look after and serve you. And of course cleaning up the dirt.

Totally overburdened home managers and unsettled police units are the sad result of this.

Here our constitutional state, which otherwise takes action with extreme severity against speeders, parking offenders, people who refuse to pay radio licence fees, or even ” right-wingers”, simply can no longer assert itself.The “culturally sensitive” employment of an imam as an indication of one’s own ridiculousness means nothing less than the complete capitulation and subordination to the aggressive new citizens – who in the end always get exactly what they want.It is only a short way from being a host to being a servant. Not a good omen for the future.

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