Germany: Mob wants to prevent the arrest of a criminal African for allegedly anti-racist motives and attacks police officers

Several uninvolved persons verbally attacked police officers at the railway platform of Stuttgart main station last Saturday evening at about 7:00 pm. A 33-year-old Nigerian citizen had previously been caught by the conductor of an intercity train between Göppingen and Plochingen without the required ticket. Federal police officers were called in to establish the identity of the suspect after the train arrived at Stuttgart main station.In the course of the identity check, the police officers also found several documents issued for other personal data and secured them to avert danger. The man, who lives in the Starnberg district, was then released on the spot after the measures were completed. Shortly thereafter, he suddenly and loudly demanded the return of the seized documents, behaved in a violent manner and yelled loudly, so that a previously uninvolved group of people became aware of the incident.The approximately 15 people then showed solidarity with the perpetrator and verbally attacked the police officers. In doing so, they also questioned vociferously the legality of the police measures that had already been completed at that time. The situation was quickly calmed down shortly thereafter with the involvement of further patrols of the federal and state police. The 33-year-old must face criminal charges for obtaining benefits by fraud.

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