Austria: Ridiculously lenient sentence for an Afghan man who molested two girls and stabbed a man coming to their assistance

A lenient sentence for a young refugee who had stabbed and seriously injured a jogger in the Vienna Favoriten district, allegedly under the influence of drugs. The 16-year-old was sentenced on Monday to two years’ suspended sentence, only eight months of which the Afghan has to serve.Initially, he had threatened two girls with his knife, who had run into him by chance. The refugee had come from a party, had consumed alcohol and ecstasy. On his way home, he first attacked an 18-year-old girl, knocking her down. A 17-year-old girl tried to defend her friend.At that moment, a 19-year-old jogger came along, wanted to assist the teenagers. The Afghan immediately punched the security guard in the face with his fist, broke his nose bone. He then stabbed the 19-year-old several times in his chest, back and legs.Even to this day the victim suffers from the late effects. The young Afghan, who had bought the knife to impress girls, accepted the verdict – legally binding.

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