Germany: African asylum seeker riots and injures police officers and insults them as racists – Finally he is allowed to leave the police station as a free man

The night before last, a police control in Bielefeld turned into a dangerous commotion. A police patrol had spotted a group of six people at Kesselbrink in front of a kiosk.

The Kesselbrink is known as a meeting place for the Bielefeld drug scene. Because the people were very loud and had scattered large amounts of garbage, the police officers wanted to check the personal details and asked the group to identify themselves.A 23-year-old asylum seeker from Burkina-Faso immediately reacted violently, insulted the officials and accused them of racist motives. After the man refused, an officer grabbed him by the arm for the purpose of a search. Thereupon, the 23-year-old began to resist violently and tried to beat and kick the police officers. During the scuffle, the rioter was brought to the ground and held. The others came threateningly towards the officers and shouted at them.The police officers called for assistance and used irritant gas against the growing group of people who were gathering and “approached the scene roaring loudly” (police report). As people came towards the officers armed with chairs, one of them drew his firearm.This calmed the crowd, which however continued to throw glass bottles at the officers. This also continued when a total of 15 patrol cars arrived to support their colleagues. Again, irritant gas had to be used against several people, as they ran resolutely and aggressively towards police officers.Finally, after one and a half hours, the crowd dissolved. The asylum seeker was taken to the police station to establish his personal details. Afterwards he was allowed to leave, at some point a procedure for resistance against him will be initiated. Two policemen were injured by bottle throws in the face and the arms.

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