Austria: Gang war between Afghans and Chechens

Yesterday, Sunday, there was a violent clash between a group of Afghans and Chechens in the 21st district of Vienna. According to oe24 information, the authorities were called to the Prager Street around 8:18 pm because the two parties were clashing near a gas station. According to eyewitness reports, between 15 and 20 people allegedly beat each other. When the emergency forces arrived, some of the people involved fled by car.Four Afghans were still on the spot and, according to the police, showed clear signs of injury, suggesting that they had been involved in a previous beating. One of the injured is said to have suffered a deep cut on his fingers, probably caused by a knife. The group of men still on the scene was charged with brawling. According to the persons involved, they had been harassed and persecuted by the Chechen group some time before.It is suspected that the dispute could have been a possible rivalry between the two groups. The brawl is said to have been preceded by insults and provocations from both sides.An immediately initiated manhunt against the Chechens who had fled in a car failed for the time being. However, the Vienna State Police Department was confident that the suspects would be tracked down, as the incident was recorded by surveillance cameras at the nearby gas station.

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