Massive demo for illegals held in Paris despite police ban

Clashes between illegal migrants and police erupt at Place de la République, Paris. Screenshot from Twitter

A massive demonstration in favor of clandestine migrants, prohibited by the Paris police headquarters because of anti-Covid measures, was held in Paris, bringing together several thousand people. Clashes eventually broke out.

Île-de-France remains one of the most active centers of the epidemic in France. Despite this, a demonstration to show solidarity with undocumented migrants was held on Saturday May 30 in the streets of the capital, in defiance of health precautions. The Paris police headquarters had banned it, citing the ban on gatherings of more than 10 people.

The ban clearly had no effect, since several thousand mostly Africans took part in this “march of solidarity” relayed by 210 organisations and some 300 personalities, according to a text posted on social networks, 20 Minutesreported.

The organisers demanded the regularization of undocumented migrants and a review of French migration policy, in addition to the closure of administrative detention centers.

From Place de la Madeleine, the demonstration headed for Place de la République, where thousands of demonstrators held up their signs demanding papers for everyone.

Clashes eventually broke out between demonstrators and police, who fired tear gas and made 92 arrests. Many political leaders were indignant that such a demonstration could take place in the current health situation.

Slogans stating “police are assassins” were displayed during the march in Paris, echoing those in the race riots taking place across the US in major cities for the fifth consecutive night. MP Eric Ciotti denounced the “call to hatred against the police”.

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