Germany now blatantly sides with Islamists

The newspaper Wormser Zeitung reports:

Ditib, Turkey, Islamic extremism – to lump them all together is insufficient for Thomas Haldenwang and misses the point. During his visit to Mainz on Friday, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesverfassungsschutz) called for a differentiated view of the controversial Islamic association. Rhineland-Palatinate has just signed target agreements with Ditib. However, a contract will only be discussed when Ditib Rhineland-Palatinate cuts its dependence on the federal association and thus on the Erdogan government in Turkey. Haldenwang in no way denied Ditib’s links with Ankara: after the failed coup in 2016, Ditib was used to spy on the Turkish community in Germany. The financial dependence of the mosques on Turkey and the state religious authority there, Diyanet, was obvious. But: This influence was just still “no religious view”. He did not see Erdogan as an Islamist and refused to place Ditib under the “general suspicion” of Islamic extremism. “I would have to worry if Islamist preachers were working in Ditib mosques.” However, he currently sees influence from this side “only selectively but not nationwide”.

Even Wikipedia classifies the Ditib as anti-Semitic and Islamist:

The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DİTİBGermanTürkisch-Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion e.V.TurkishDiyanet İşleri Türk-İslam Birliği) is one of the largest Islamic organisations in Germany. Founded in 1984 as a branch of the Presidency of Religious Affairs in Ankara, it is an “arm” of the Turkish state.[1]The headquarters are in CologneEhrenfeld.

As of 2016, the DITIB funds 900 mosques in Germany.[1]

The imams and the religious teachers, officially classified as civil servants of the Turkish state, are trained in Ankara and sent to Germany from Turkey.[2] DITIB claims it is independent of the Government of Turkey.[2] Because the state back then[when?] was almost bankrupt, the officials had to be paid with money from the Muslim World League, which provoked protest from secularists. The fixation on Turkey and the Turkish language proved to be a handicap, because other Islamic organisations used German language in public. The usage of German was seen by many to be more dialogue-friendly.

Homepages of local Ditib chapters have featured christophobicantisemitic and anti-Western hate speech.[3]

The obvious partisanship for Islamists even by Merkel’s constitutional protection authorities shows the direction of German policy: against the West, which today means above all against the Anglo-Saxon world. The Nazis also dreamed of destroying Anglo-Saxon capitalism and Judaism in cooperation with the Third World. The East German communists, whose schools Merkel attended, had the very same dream.

The next war to come will be the one between the Free World and Merkel’s Germany and its allies.

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