Turk allowed to stay in Switzerland despite rape of a young, unconscious woman

A Turk born in Switzerland is allowed to stay in Switzerland, although he was sentenced to 28 months in prison in 2016 for raping a woman. The Administrative Court of the Canton of Berne has revoked the revocation of the settlement permit by the Berne Security Directorate. According to the verdict published on Friday, seven years ago the now 25-year-old man and two accomplices committed a crime against an unconscious young woman. The young Turkish man performed sexual intercourse unprotected.One of the accomplices recorded the act.The latter subsequently sent this video to at least seven people. The three young men also stole from the victim. The young woman suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Between 2011 and 2017, the young Turk was also punished for several minor offences, such as traffic violations. In 2016 the young Turk met a young Swiss woman whom he married in mid-2019.According to the Bernese Administrative Court, the young man has since completed an apprenticeship and has proven himself in his training. After a preliminary hearing, the court considered it plausible that the complainant had in the meantime matured and was making serious efforts to lead an orderly life in accordance with the law. His wife’s family supported him. In 2013, when the victim was raped, he was more of a hanger-on, according to the court that sentenced him. He has been without criminal record for three years.Admittedly, the rape was a serious offence, which would indicate that the person had to be expelled. The man also had a certain connection to his home country, although he was born in Switzerland. For example, he had spent several holidays in Turkey and at least one aunt and stepfather still lived there. According to his own statements, however, the young Turk has no contact with him. In this case, however, it should also be noted that the young Swiss wife of the Turk has no connection to Turkey at all. According to the court, expelling the young Turkish man would “result in a considerable impairment of his married life and would be particularly difficult for his wife to cope with”.In addition, there were no indications that the young Turk could relapse in violence and sexual offences. Sometimes the young Turkish man’s private interests were “of considerable weight” in view of growing up in Switzerland, the marital relationship and the rather difficult integration of the man in Turkey.


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