Germany: Muslim kills his two children because his wife tried to break up with him

In the night on Friday, around midnight, police officers discovered two dead children in an apartment in Schwarzach. The suspected murderer is a father from Schwarzach, reports the Idowa portal, but without mentioning that the suspected murderer of the two children is the 36-year-old migrant Samir A.

According to an acquaintance, the latter had called in the night of Friday. Due to the telephone call, the woman was afraid that Samir A. had suicidal intentions. The police then checked the man’s home address and other known addresses. In the meantime, the 36-year-old Samir A. telephoned his former partner and mother of the two children, who lives separated from him. However, he did not inform her of his whereabouts.In the father’s apartment, the police discovered two children, a little boy aged 8 and his little 6-year-old sister. Both were found dead.

Based on the initial investigations by the Straubing criminal investigation department, the suspicion of the crime was directed against the 36-year-old father, who took turns with their mother to look after the children during the night. A large-scale search was initially unsuccessful, according to the police press release. Shortly before 4:00 a.m., the 36-year-old turned himself in to the police in Straubing and was arrested. The Straubing criminal investigation department investigates in close cooperation with the Regensburg public prosecutor’s office, also with regard to the exact course of the crime and the background.

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