Syrian murders 82-year-old pensioner and is acquitted by German judiciary

The victim Gerda K., Photo Screenshot

A Syrian asylum seeker who murdered an 82-year-old pensioner in Cottbus in cold blood does not have to go to prison. He was acquitted without any further ado.

A new justice scandal unsettles everyone in Germany. Once again the murder of a German woman goes unpunished. The victim: Gerda K. (82 years old). Tied up and with a bag over her head, her brother found the pensioner in her Cottbus apartment at the end of 2016. The old lady was apparently suffocated, all cupboards and drawers had been rummaged through. A gruesome robbery and murder. Three months later, the police arrested a young Syrian (allegedly 17 at the time) on strong suspicion! The whole community was upset. At that time, Lord Mayor Holger Kelch ( Christian Democratic Union) had nothing better to do than to stand by the Syrian murderer. He strongly condemned protests in the city and apparently wanted to make it clear that as a German citizen you have to keep your mouth shut when a pensioner is murdered by an illegal immigrant. The citizens in Cottbus, however, made it clear to him in over 500 letters to the editor how they assessed his antisocial behaviour. In 2019, the judges at the Cottbus Regional Court had a great deal of sympathy for the Syrian murderer even during the ongoing investigations and released him without further ado. The Regional Court had released him from custody on the grounds that further imprisonment would be disproportionate in view of the age of the accused and the fact that a conclusion of the trial at short notice was not foreseeable. Now the accused was also finally acquitted of the murder of Gerda K. Although a clear DNA trace of the Syrian was found on the clothes of the murdered woman, the court did not consider it proven that the young man had sent the senior citizen into the great beyond in cold blood. Thanks to the help of the unscrupulous Cottbus lawyer Christian Nordhausen, the immigrant now left the court as a free man.According to court spokeswoman Susanne Becker, the public prosecutor’s office had asked for a conviction for murder in a crime unit with robbery with fatal consequences. The public prosecutor’s office pleads for a prison sentence of ten years – the highest sentence provided for under juvenile criminal law. That alone would have been a mild sentence for the Syrian, who, strangely enough, like almost all immigrants, is said to have been under age. In his home country he would hardly have been given a few years with PlayStation and flat screen TV and full board for such a cruel murder. But now the Syrian even won the jackpot and went completely unpunished for the brutal robbery and murder of Gerda K. In Angela Merkel’s Federal Republic of Germany today, all you seem to need is the right skin colour and you can do whatever you want without having to fear any real consequences. The bereaved of the murdered pensioner are understandably completely shocked by this scandalous judgement from Cottbus.

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