Malta Ambassador Says Merkel Has ‘Fulfilled Hitler’s Dream to Control Europe’

Malta’s ambassador to Finland has had to resign his post after saying that Germany’s Angela Merkel had  “fulfilled Hitler’s dream” to “control Europe” on social media.

“75 years ago we stopped Hitler,” wrote Michael Zammit Tabona in a Facebook post commemorating Victory in Europe Day.

“Who will stop Angela Merkel? She has fulfilled Hitler’s dream! To control Europe,” he added.

Malta, as a former Crown Colony of the British Empire, was the lynchpin of the Allied presence in the Mediterranean for much of the war, and its population was bestowed with a collective George Cross — which still adorns the national flag today — for the long siege it suffered at the hands of the Axis powers.

The modern-day ambassador’s remarks, however, were not well received either in Berlin or the Maltese capital of Valetta, with foreign minister Evarist Bartolo telling the Times of Malta that he had been told to take down the post and promising the Germans would receive an apology for its “insensitive” nature.

Despite the florid terms in which they were expressed, the sentiments of the ambassador — now confirmed to have stepped down — are not unique in Europe, with commentators such as Britain’s Peter Hitchens having suggested that the European Union, in particular, is “the continuation of Germany by other means”.

Germany does indeed appear to have an outsize influence within the EU, with Chancellor Merkel — currently enjoying her fourth consecutive term in office, albeit with her party forced into a so-called “grand coalition” with its traditional Social Democratic Party rivals — having made a particularly large impact on the bloc with her unilateral decision to let in an unlimited number of supposed refugees in 2015.

While her invitation was, technically speaking, only to Germany, the move had an enormous impact on the EU’s border states and the states standing between them and Germany — many of which ended up stuck with large numbers of illegal migrants when the crisis grew out of control and Berlin closed the floodgates somewhat.

Merkel’s proposed solution to this crisis was to force compulsory migrant redistribution quotas on other EU member-states at the European Council, even if they had completely opposed her decision to open the borders in the first place — a move which is still being fought out in the EU courts to this day.

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