Germany: Afghan killed a German mother carrying her baby in her arms with a beer bottle

“When the woman was found lying on the ground with her skull bashed in, the baby lay next to her” … Brutal murder of a German mother by an Afghan in the recreation area Auwald in Leipzig in broad daylight. The 37-year-old woman, with her baby in her arms, was knocked down with a bottle and seriously injured by the perpetrator on Wednesday morning at about 11:40 a.m. on the Neue Linie, a forest path in the south of Leipzig. On Good Friday, her martyrdom in a Leipzig intensive care unit resulted in her death – despite the intensive medical treatment initiated on the day of the crime. The perpetrator – according to initial findings it was her ex-boyfriend – was able to flee first, and on Thursday afternoon the 30-year-old was arrested. The accused was born in Afghanistan and of course has German citizenship. According to the mainstream press “the victim is also a German”. The police had been looking for the perpetrator in the victim’s surroundings from the very beginning. The suspect is said to have harassed his former girlfriend in the past. He was investigated – as usual in such relationships – for stalking. The murderer of the still nameless mother “fled” to Germany as a child. The baby is safe and is being looked after.

“The identity of the victim has not yet been clarified beyond any doubt”, explained police spokesman Alexander Bertram, as well as why the dispute arose and the exact course of the attack. “Further information on the alleged course of events as well as on possible backgrounds of the crime cannot be given at present in view of the ongoing investigations”. Witnesses reported that the victim was knocked down with a beer bottle. The investigations of the public prosecutor’s office and the police against the 30-year-old Afghan are now being continued because of the urgent suspicion of murder, as the suspected perpetrator has at least fulfilled the murder criterion of insidiousness. Insidious, however, is the mainstream media coverage of the brutal bloody deed of a perpetrator from the Hindu Kush, while the German Armed Forces have been defending “our freedom” there for years with billions of euros and a high death toll of murdered German soldiers. Submissively, most mainstream media covered up the details of the crime – as always.

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