Political correctness meets the pathogen: The Spanish disaster

Spain is one of the European countries most battered by the pandemic. 

13,798 people died in just over two weeks. Spanish nursing homes have been devastated by the virus.

True, Italy made many tragic mistakes in dealing with this tragedy. But my country was the first in Europe hit in such huge numbers. 

Spain saw what was going on in Italy, which had already been dealing with Covid-19 for two weeks before it appeared in Madrid and Barcelona. In Italy, the first deaths occurred on 1st of March. But still, on March 8, Spain filled the squares for Women’s Day.

They put their shameful ideological and political interests – “women’s liberation” – before the common good. Virtue signaling came before battling the virus.

Spanish epidemiologist Fernando Simón, in a national press conference, said there was no risk in participating in the March 8 rallies and marches. “If my son asked me if he can go, I would tell him to do whatever he wants,” he said. Three Spanish government ministers who led the women’s rally later tested positive for the virus, as did Prime minister Sánchez’s wife and mother.

“It is evident that with what we know today, all of us would have acted differently,” Mr. Sánchez said. It is a lie.

The West is so compromised, weak and deluded that it did not begin to defend itself from this pandemic even when my country, Spain’s close neighbor, was already filling our cemeteries and morgues.

Even Juan Luis Cebrián, co-founder of the newspaper El País, a well-known spokesman for the Socialist Party, wrote: “The crocodile tears of so many political leaders who claim that no one could have imagined such a thing such as the coronavirus do not make any sense. There were not only those who imagined it: they foresaw it, and they seriously warned about it”.

It is worse than that. Their tears reek of guilt and shame.

When a lethal pathogen meets political correctness, the result is 13.798 deaths. Spain had to halt the approval of a new euthanasia law. It doesn’t need it. Covid-19 is now doing the job much more efficiently. Call it a death wish. 


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