WATCH: Turkish wedding party terrorizes Berlin, Germany

One of the drivers who caused a stir with their sports cars on the busy intersection at Bahnhof Zoo with wild manoeuvres has turned himself in to the police. The 22-year-old claimed to be the driver of one of the cars involved on Friday afternoon, according to a police spokesperson. According to the police, the man had appeared at a police station in Spandau with a relative. Initially the newspaper “B.Z.” had reported.

A video on Twitter shows how a car first “drifts” in a circle, i.e. deliberately oversteers in a curve. A man stands next to the car at the crossroads and waves a Turkish flag. The car slowly drives into oncoming traffic. A second car then accelerates for a 180-degree turn. This car also swerves excessively. According to the police, the incident took place on Sunday afternoon at the crossing Hardenbergstraße/Joachimsthaler street. The police are investigating on suspicion of dangerous interference with road traffic. Possibly there had also been a forbidden car race. According to first findings, the cars are said to have belonged to a Turkish wedding convoy.

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