Moorish heads leads to fake attacks

A bakery in the tiny village of Monster in South Holland announced it had been harassed by “racist extreme right-wing” inhabitants. Consequently the baker closed his business, for “safety reasons”.

Sadly these attacks on the vegan baker Jurgen Verwoerd were mostly in his own mind after he had decided to no longer sell “racist” chocolate cream puffs or Moorkoppen [Moorish heads] as they are popularly known in Dutch.

Moorkop is in fact a profiterole covered with chocolate. The name Moorish head is quite old and has never been controversial. According to Wikipedia it dates back to about 1920.

The vegan baker in the village near The Hague, had renamed them Roomkoppen [cream puffs] but being a vegan, these cakes obviously did not contain any dairy cream. He then claimed that “enraged villagers had threatened him with violence”. Hence he had to close his business.

The mainstream media quickly came to the rescue of Roomkoppen. The same evening the baker was interviewed on TV, and viewers were told to beware of “extreme right-wing violence”.

There was one small problem with this report however: The alleged attacks by racist Dutch inhabitants never happened, but the “progressive” journalists never did their homework by interviewing these “violent” inhabitants.

It has now come to light that the “harassed” vegan baker is near bankruptcy and did not have any money for advertising. So he resorted to race-baiting by renaming his Moorkoppen to Roomkoppen and then announced to the press he was harassed over his decision, and consequently had to close his shop for safety reasons. And race-baiting is clearly a good move since his fake allegations have landed him with prime time exposure on Dutch national TV.

Other journalists who did investigate, quickly found out that only one or two (no more) customers politely told him they did not like his name change. But on television he was never asked any hard questions since he was “a poor oppressed victim of right-wing extremism”.

The police has been tasked to “protect” his bakery and they have installed a video camera on the premises. The baker has not yet apologized for his blatant lie.

The Dutch Food and Drug Administration [Nederlandse warenautoriteit] has meanwhile prohibited the progressive baker from calling his MoorkoppenRoomkoppen, as they do not contain any dairy cream.

Thanks to the fake news, the very next day HEMA, a large chain store with may branches, announced that they would no longer will sell “racist” Moorkoppen. From now on, they will be called “chocolate balls”.

HEMA, the abbreviation for Hollandse Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij, launched a campaign in 2007-8, El HEMA, in which they added Arab letters to their collection and made sure everything was clearly marked halal. Clothing was developed along this line with Arabic symbols too.

While they won prizes for the best marketing campaign, not surprisingly, HEMA is in serious financial trouble. The company was already sold to a foreign investor and had to close branches all over the country. Being extremely politically correct has no doubt contributed to their decline.

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