Austria: Burkini wearing woman spots naked woman in the changing room of a public swimming pool and is outraged

Great indignation in Austria: In the capital Vienna a woman in a burkini is said to have complained about a naked person in the changing room of a swimming pool. The media are already talking about the “swimming pool affair” – there are also initial reactions from politicians, reports the Zurich press.The alleged “victim” entered the ladies’ changing room of the swimming pool in the Vienna district of Simmering accompanied by her son – dressed in a Muslim swimsuit, a burkini. There she met a 57-year-old woman who was about to change.She felt offended by the nakedness of the woman while changing her clothes and is said to have confronted the naked woman as well. However, the bathing rules clearly state the following: bathers are allowed to be naked in the changing rooms.Even wearing a burkini is allowed in Viennese swimming pools. According to the chairman of the Freedom Party, this, like the whole incident, is a manifestation of “failed migration policy”.

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