WATCH: Banned Islamist party allowed to hold large Islamist rally in Hamburg, Germany

“Generation Islam” – an extremist YouTube channel cheers the Uyghur rally in Hamburg for its martial Alluah Akhbar yelling.

– The Office for the Protection of the Constitution had warned of the event.
– It was organized by the extremist Islamic party Hitb ut-Tahrir (HuT – Party of Liberation), which is banned (!) in Germany and has already infiltrated a football club in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg.
Prohibited, the organization that organizes this event is prohibited! Does anyone at the left-wing extremist Hamburg Senate still care?

Remarkable also the comments below the video, for example

Ahmad J: “MASHAALLAH goose bumps, the feeling of unity. It is time that we join forces and raise our voices together.”

King Kugel: “All that’s missing now is a rally for the caliphate.”
AHRUME AHRUME “finally rise up you 2 billion of Muslims”

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