Germany: Muslim father along with his sons crushed the skull of his daughter’s boyfriend.

Injured family honour. That’s when Father Masin C. (45 years old) almost killed his daughter’s boyfriend, with the help of his two sons (26, 28 years old). On Friday, the Bonn Regional Court sentenced the father to eight and a half years in prison for attempted murder, and the two sons seven and a half years imprisonment each. Nisar (19 years old) and his girlfriend Zilan (17 years old) had been sitting in his car at the Waldfriedhof cemetery in Meckenheim at about 3 a.m. Suddenly the windows were smashed. According to the charge, the trio dragged the girl out and beat the young man with a wrench, among other things.For several weeks Nisar and Zilan had been a couple, had met secretly. Chatting, talking and cuddling. Both lay lightly clad in the passenger seat. Their family members had been in search of them. When the father and his two sons spotted the couple, an outbreak of violence occurred.”An incident that actually does not fit into the modern age,” says Judge Klaus Reinhoff. “A 17-year-old and a 19-year-old love each other. That is not unusual. Nothing bad had happened.” But the Kurdish family considered the girl’s honour damaged.Nisar had to be punished, the father told the police.Judge Klaus Reinhoff: “In this country, everyone is allowed to have his or her own standards of morality. But one must also accept the laws here that allow sexual self-determination with impunity. We are a free country!” He vividly described the injuries of the victim. The young man had been hit seven times by the heavy wrench. Among other things, Nisar suffered an open skull fracture, teeth were knocked out and his nose was broken. His life was in danger. The judge: “You didn’t give a damn what happened to the young man.” The act had been a jointly committed attempted murder. Insidious and for base motives. “Here sexual self-determination has been trampled upon. It has been punished that two young people are tender with each other. But such a thing is the most natural thing in the world. Nisar is still suffering from the consequences of the crime. As a witness, he said: “I have headaches and anxiety. “I don’t remember most of what happened.”Nisar was a joint plaintiff in the trial, which was attended by a large police presence. Violence between Kurdish and Palestinian families should be prevented. Nisar’s lawyer Mutlu Günal after the verdict: “My client is satisfied and happy. He would like to put an end to this. He is grateful for the court’s clear words.”The family of the accused was outraged by the verdict. In the auditorium, relatives shouted “No”. Loud crying could be heard. Only the father had confessed. His lawyer has already announced that he will appeal the verdict. The sons (one is a student, the other runs a pizzeria) will probably join him. They don’t want to have done anything, they even want to have stopped the father.

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