BREAKING: “Allahu Akbar” screaming African attacks three German churches and threatens worshippers

This morning, during the service in three churches in the communities of Rhauderfehn and Ostrhauderfehn, a 33-year-old man from Rhauderfehn with Ivorian nationality threatened the churches. At 09:55 a.m., the police were called because a male person in the Church of Hope in Rhauderfehn in the street Untenende is said to have disturbed the service by shouting loudly. The male person then left the parish and went to church service in the Catholic Church in the street  Kirchstraße in Rhauderfehn. There, too, the man caused a stir by shouting loudly and shouted “Allahu Akbar”. Afterwards he left the church again and found himself in the Petruskirche in the street Kirchstraße in the parish of Ostrhauderfehn. Also in this time he interrupted the church service taking place there. According to current information, the 33-year-old Ivorian verbally threatened the visitors of the service.  Some of them left the service in a hurry. The man then also left the church. The police, who were already searching for the man at this time, were able to find him on the main road in Ostrhauderfehn, near the local industrial estate, at around 11:20 am and arrest him temporarily.  During the subsequent search measures, the 33-year-old resisted considerably. The police arrested the man and brought him to the police station. During the search of the person and his belongings no weapons or other dangerous objects were found. Police officers of the State Security Department of the police department Leer/Emden have started investigations. The investigations carried out did not reveal any indication that this was a politically motivated act. During the fact-finding process, the 33-year-old allegedly made a confused and psychologically conspicuous impression. For this reason, the district of Leer was also informed of the incident. Due to his psychological abnormalities, the man had to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic. According to current knowledge, nobody was injured by the deployment. The public prosecutor’s office in Aurich decided on further measures to clarify the facts of the case. The 33-year-old is now under investigation.

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