Germany: The videos Ms Merkel would like to ban have now become public

The German Interior Ministry is in a state of commotion. It is not wanted that there is public publicity about how violently left-wing extremist rioters attack police officers. During an announced anti-police rally in Leipzig, scenes similar to civil war once again took place. Videos of riots in 2015 now appeared on the net. The descriptions on YouTube suggest that the videos were posted online by left-wing extremists. German politicians are always trying to play down the massive problem of violent left-wing extremism. The masked perpetrators of violence from the so-called “black block” have no respect whatsoever for civil servants or human lives in general.They use cobblestones, incendiary devices and all available weapons against the police, without considering that their counterparts are people who perform the job of maintaining public order. The scenes from the video show very impressively how left-wing extremist intensive violence occurs for the police officers deployed. It can be assumed that the video material will not remain online for very long.Very revealing are the recorded police radio messages, which show the seriousness of the incident. In any case, internal investigations were ordered to find and punish the persons within the police who brought these impressive videos to the attention of the public.

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