Germany: African drug dealers beat up passers-by because they refused to buy cocaine from them

Yesterday, early Sunday morning, a dangerous bodily injury took place at Dortmund Central Station. According to witnesses, two drug dealers offered cocaine to a group of six men. When they refused, they are said to have hit the people. A glass bottle and pepper spray were also used.According to the six attacked men (44/45/45/47/49/52 y.o.) from Dortmund, Kamen and Bergkamen, they were on their way home from a Christmas party. In the area of the north exit, in front of a cinema, they had been addressed by four men.They would have offered them to buy cocaine. When the men refused the drugs, the four dealers were said to have attacked them. They also used pepper spray. In addition, one of the attackers hit a glass bottle against the head of a 45-year-old man from Dortmund. He was slightly injured. Afterwards the attackers fled. As part of a local area search, federal police arrested two 19-year-old Guinean citizens from Bochum. Two other suspects were able to flee. The two arrested men are already known to the police for a number of drug-related offences. They were later taken into police custody. One of the men was drunk to a not inconsiderable 1.8 per thousand. The men, slightly injured by the blows and pepper spray, were treated by the local ambulance service and were able to continue their journey later. The Federal Police initiated an investigation into dangerous bodily harm and violation of the Narcotics Act.

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