Switzerland: Blind woman on train robbed and sexually assaulted by North Africans

It is only shortly after 06 p.m., but already dark, when Erika Kälin (50 years old) from Einsiedeln boards the Interregio train to Zurich in Langenthal on Saturday.Her boyfriend Reinhard Schütz (55 years old) accompanies her. The two passionate athletes have just come from a Santa Claus run. There are not many passengers in the compartment. “In the beginning there were still a few people,” says Kälin, who is almost completely blind. In Olten the train is becoming silent. “Suddenly we were almost alone,” says Kälin. Then a horde of men enters the car. “They ran back and forth several times in the train and finally took a seat on the seats behind us.  Looking back, it’s clear to me that they were specifically looking for a victim.” The men are talking loudly to each other in a language that the couple cannot understand. “They had wine, beer or schnapps with them and smelled terribly of alcohol.” Kälin puts her jacket on the hook next to her seat. Suddenly she notices a rustling. Kälin checks her jacket pockets and is shocked: “My bunch of keys had disappeared! The woman searches desperately for it. Her boyfriend helps her. “She began to cry,” says Reinhard Schütz. “A man from the group then pretended to help her with the search as well. He felt it from behind on the groin. “Schütz wants to prevent the situation from escalating, tries to keep calm. “But then the man grabbed my girlfriend’s crotch. I had to react. The 55-year-old pushes the man to the side, whereupon he lets go of the woman. “The guy touched me everywhere,” says Kälin. “It was a shock, terrible. I was very happy that my friend was there to protect me. Schütz informed the police. At the entrance at Zurich main station, officers wait at the track and arrest three of the men. Kälin files a complaint. Luckily nothing but the bunch of keys disappeared. The Zurich Cantonal Police, which is responsible for security at the main station in addition to the local police, confirms the arrest. One of the men confesses. The 31-year-old Moroccan was sentenced to an unconditional fine and a fine by order of the Attorney General’s Office. According to spokesman Erich Wenzinger, the man then also went berserk in police custody and spat at a policeman. No misconduct could be proven against the other two detainees.The penalty order is not yet final. The penalty order is not yet final. Kälin is almost completely blind with a eyesight of three percent in one eye and eight percent in the other. As a cross-country skier the parathlete won numerous medals. For example gold and silver at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. It takes several days until the shock after the horror ride in the Interregio is digested. “I couldn’t sleep at first,” says Kälin. When travelling by train, the woman from Einsiedeln will probably get a queasy feeling for a long time to come.

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