Germany: Cleaning woman stabbed in kebab snack bar by jealous Muslim

The cleaning lady was just at work in a kebab snack bar when apparently her boyfriend surprised her and rammed a knife down her throat! Brutal attack in Essen district of Kray!Around 8.40 a.m. ambulance crews rushed to the stop “Kray-Nordbahnof”: There the blood-covered woman had collapsed after she had dragged herself out of the nearby “Dürümland Kebaphaus”. There her boyfriend is said to have attacked her with a knife. According to newspaper BILD, the man was jealous. Employees of a kiosk had tried to stop the woman’s bleeding, called the ambulance services and the police. A suspected man was arrested nearby. The murder weapon was seized. The police set up a homicide squad.The woman was taken to the hospital.

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