South Tyrol: African stops bus and attacks driver

A violent incident occurred on Wednesday evening in Perathoner Street in Bolzano. According to the Bolzano police headquarters, an 18-year-old man from Gambia stopped a city bus and then attacked the bus driver. The 18-year-old African danced with a colleague in the middle of the busy street, making the bus stop. When the bus driver asked the two men to clear the road again, they smashed the windshield of the bus, among other things. In the meantime, the bus driver let all passengers get off and called the police. Shortly afterwards, the 18-year-old attacked him directly and punched him to the nose. The African’s companion fled in the meantime.The officials of the law enforcement officers were very soon on the spot due to the increased number of people who are currently in Bolzano because of the Christmas market. But the young African was not calmed by this either and attacked the police officers. It was only with great difficulty that the policemen managed to arrest the man. He had already been previously convicted and the police commissioner imposed a residency prohibition on him.

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