Germany: UPDATE: Husband confesses to Mine’s murder – Missing 26-year-old woman found dead in forest – Did her Afghan husband kill her ?


Mine O. was missing for three months, her relatives hoped and feared – except her husband. Because Ercan E. was arrested by the police on Thursday at about 01.30 pm.
BILD learned: Just under two hours later, E. confessed the crime during interrogation and revealed the place where he had buried his dead wife.
He admitted having strangled the young mother after an argument and hidden her in a suitcase!

In the case of Mine O (26 y/o)  a receptionist missing since September, the police made a terrible discovery:A woman’s body was found in a piece of woodland in the Duisburg district of Untermeiderich. Meanwhile, her husband, who is entangled in contradictions, is suspected of having committed this crime. What really happened on September 7? The Afghan-born missing woman has not contacted anyone since that day. Her husband had initially expressed concern and claimed that his wife had wanted to visit a girlfriend.  According to the investigators’ findings, the girlfriend in question did not even stay in Germany at that time. Traces were found in the suspect’s garage indicating a violent crime. Neighbours had complained about the disgusting smell coming from the garage. This could have come from a corpse that had been stored there for some time. In the course of the interrogations, the man gave clues regarding the wood in which the corpse had been found. The most tragic thing is that the couple have a son who is five years old. The investigations continue.

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