Germany: Mohamed A. is said to have raped the former boyfriend of his current wife.

Out of jealousy, a 33-year-old Tunisian is said to have brutally raped the ex-boyfriend of his present wife, the 35-year-old Pakistani Saif U. in Görlitz with the complicity of two other Arabs. “Mohamed locked the door from the inside. Then two more Arabs came along, beat me and kicked me, pressed me to the ground.” Then the 35-year-old Pakistani Saif U. was undressed and raped. Saif reported it yesterday in tears at a court in Dresden.And the prosecution is convinced that this report is true. Even if the Tunisian perpetrator Mohamed A. (33 years old, butcher), who is now on trial, continues to deny the crime. Mahamed A. had already been sentenced in the summer to 3 years and 9 months imprisonment for raping the cook Saif U. in Görlitz. The reason: The victim had once been together with his present wife Anita (28 years old). Mohamed A. was obsessed with the idea that Saif U. had contacted Monika again to take her away from him.Due to procedural errors, the Federal Supreme Court overturned the ruling, and the trial is now taking place again.Rape of men is much more common than commonly thought. And they also have serious consequences, especially when men have a migrant background where passive anal intercourse (“treating him like a woman”) is considered degrading to a man:”A prejudice that men who have been raped are less traumatised than women is absolutely wrong, on the contrary. Studies show that the long-term effects of rape, whether male or female, usually have serious consequences for life. In addition, men are exposed to greater social stigmatisation, leading to even greater psychological damage for male rape victims”. (according to Wikipedia). Rape of men by men is then considered as revenge or simply as violent dominance.

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