Germany: Man with axe and explosive belt dummy causes deployment of special action police commando

The following police report begs more questions as it answers them:

Yesterday afternoon, special police forces arrested a man who threatened several people in an industrial park on the A7 motorway in the Heidekreis district. The 29-year-old perpetrator from the Heidekreis had entered an arcade with an axe and a dog at around 10.55 a.m. and smashed the slot machines with his weapon. Three of the four persons in the premises managed to escape, one escaped into an adjoining room.The called police surrounded the object. During the access by a special task force (SEK) the perpetrator was overwhelmed and the dog was shot. There were no injured persons. The officers found objects with overhanging cables on the man’s body. Bomb squads called in by the police to deactivate the bomb classified the object as a dummy. The man known to the police was arrested and transferred to the psychiatric department of a hospital. According to the current state of the investigation, political or religious motivation can be ruled out. Several criminal proceedings have been initiated.

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