Germany: Arabian Clan storming emergency room of a hospital

Deployment against an Arab clan for the police in the university hospital Düsseldorf. According to tabloid BILD, a group of about 15 people stormed the emergency room of the university hospital around 3.50 a.m. on today’s  Sunday. “They did not obey any rules, went into the locked treatment area and did not show respect for anyone. The nurses and doctors were noticeably afraid.” This is how a person who, according to his own statements, was an eyewitness describes the incident.In response to a request from newspaper BILD, the police confirmed that they had been called into action and that they had taken several patrol cars to Düsseldorf University Hospital (UKD). According to police, two opponents of a Shisha Bar brawl were treated in the university hospital. In the emergency room the men clashed again and insulted each other. One is said to have been a member of the Al-Zein Clan, who has had assistance. Only after the de-escalation measures of the security service and the police the situation in the emergency room calmed down again.A total of three criminal charges were filed at the university hospital. Two were charged with bodily injury, presumably because of the brawl in the Shisha bar, and one was charged with trespassing. Hospital spokesman Tobias Pott: “The fact that people are upset and verbally abusive is unfortunately a sad everyday occurrence for the team of doctors.

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