Germany: African slits woman’s throat

From behind, Samuel U. (43 years old) attacked his partner in the bedroom, slitting the throat of the mother of his two children with the 26 centimetre long blade of a bush knife in Bremen. She bled to death.The Nigerian made a confession on Thursday at the start of the murder trial. And in a testimony delivered by his lawyer, he blamed the victim: “I loved her, we wanted to get married. She became pregnant again. A gift from heaven. But she demanded 7500 Euro from me, threatened with abortion.
Because he couldn’t afford the money, she aborted. Samuel U. commented: “She continued to demand money, threatened with divorce. I was begging.  She laughed at me, slapped me again and again. Angrily I took the knife, hit her in the neck…”The ruling is expected for mid-January.

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