Germany: Hanover elected Green Muslim Mayor — There are fears of situations similar to London in the future

The election on Sunday had the result that all analysts had predicted. Hanover voted the Social Democratic Party (SPD) out of office after 73 years at the top and opted instead for a Green Muslim. Belit Onay, the son of a Turkish guest worker, was born in Goslar and becomes mayor of the German city. Critics predict “London-like situations”. In fact, Onay seems to have the best contacts to the Erdogan-controlled ATIB. In November 2016 it became known that Belit Onay, the former spokesman for citizen participation, local politics, sports politics, network politics, data protection of BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN in Lower Saxony, had invited the Erdogan-controlled Islamic umbrella organisation ATIB to Lower Saxony’s parliament. The ATIB is regarded by the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution as an association close to the ideology of the extreme right-wing racist “Grey Wolves” movement.52.9 percent of voters voted for Belit Onay and the Greens last Sunday. In 2017 Onay appeared with the slogan “Naturalize Islam”. According to the homepage, 102,300 of the 535,603 inhabitants of Hanover are foreigners. Official figures about people with a migration background are hard to find. For 2018, SAT1 published the claim that almost one third of the inhabitants of Hannover (31.8 percent) had a migration background. In the Mühlenberg district, 66.3 percent of the population had a migration background in 2018. The second most spoken language in the city is Turkish. Nevertheless, the success of Onay can by no means be explained solely by the proportion of foreigners or people with a migration background.Onay has successfully played the traditional victim role for many years. Marked phrases such as “No one is illegal” and all other campaigns of the left-wing globalist movement are the order of the day. As early as 2013, Onay, who likes to present himself as a “liberal Muslim”, demanded that Muslim criminals be granted early release from prison on Ramadan Day. He once made headlines when he criticised being questioned at the airport about contacts with Islamists. Otherwise, he willingly reflects every green stereotype known from other cities: car-free city centres, more cycling and, of course, “Refugees welcome”. With this election result, the Social Democrats were given a warning. The mayor of Hanover had been a socialist for 73 years. To make oneself familiar with Turkish immigrants and to let the interests of the Germans become less important did not pay off in the end. Turkey and the Turks seem in fact to like to support one of their own – to which party one belongs is completely irrelevant. Loyalty to a party should not be on the agenda. Turkey seems to have long been interested in taking control of Hanover. Prior to Belit Onay, Mustafa Erkan was the shooting star in the Hanoverian political scene. He made it as a ” role model migrant ” to the vice-mayor of Neustadt.In 2017, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Erkan no longer put Erkan on the state list for the state elections – and immediately the man’s true background became apparent. At the end of his SPD career, he seamlessly moved “with the will of Allah” to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, where he worked as an advisor to Mevlüt Cavusoglu, who tends to be fascist and extremely critical of Israel.

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