German public broadcaster rants against Israel during a television show to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall

Yesterday, November 9th, there was a big show about the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany. The public broadcaster ZDF aired the show.The event was organized by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, a subsidiary of the state. There was talk, music and dance, as is so customary on such occasions. All was supposed to be relaxed. During the performance of the singer Anna Loos (1.34,40 ), slogans and pictures were projected which had any connection to protest movements: Refugee helpers in a boat, protesters against violence. One of the slogans was in Hebrew. Translated it said ” Stop the occupation” or “Enough with the occupation”. A Nazi salute to Israel. The Germans do not want to be denied the right to criticize Israel at the celebration of the end of the GDR dictatorship.

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