Yet another Jew attacked in Germany – The perpetrator shouted “You dirty Jew!”and “Free Palestine”

I got attacked in the gym for being Jewish.
Tonight, around 9:15 p.m. a guy sneaked up on me from behind, grabbed my head and tore down my Kippah! shouting “You dirty Jew!”and “Free Palestine” he spat on my Kippah and threw it in the garbage!
I was shocked! He looked at me and asked me “do you want me to beat you up? F*ck off you dirty jew!”. I was overwhelmed by this situation and (for whatever reason) I asked him “here, in front of everybody?”Somehow I was hoping someone in the changing room full of men would interfere…. I turned around. I looked everyone standing around in the eyes!!! No one reacted, everyone was just watching…
I literally was in fear of my life realizing that no one would help me but watch! Baruch HaShem an old man stood up and tried to calm the situation down.
The attacker just walked away like nothing happened! To the staff member trying to question him he said that nothing happened and even if sth happened no one can prove it!
The Police came and now the German State Security (Staatsschutz) is investigating on that.
Thank you Polizei Freiburg for taking this disgusting case of antisemitism seriously and helping me!Basically now some of you may ask why I am posting it online…
I really don’t want to attract unnecessary attention BUT I am sick of people thinking antisemitism is a one-off thing or even worse- people saying things like “so don’t wear the kippah, not to provoke”
I didn’t do anything to this guy except for being jewish!
I was born and raised in Germany and I kind of see myself as a part of this country and it’s people! Why can’t I be openly Jewish and go to the same gym as anyone else without fearing for my life?
In Freiburg the general perception of antisemitism is that it happens in the tv and in Berlin. that’s it…. the truth looks pretty different from that!
Finally, it is extremely important to raise this awareness because 80 years ago in the same country Jews were hazed and bullied publicly and we ALL know how this story ended!
I would love to see the people shouting less and less of the cliche “#neveragain” but to start acting! Don’t just remember the perished Jews once or twice a year but start acting! Rise up against antisemitism! Please help your fellows if you see sth like that or other kinds of antisemitism!!!

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