Germany: No indictment against Sarah’s Iranian murderer

The crime seemed so senseless: On the night of November 6, Mohammed V. (54 years old) stabbed the student Sarah S. (24 years old) in an apartment building in the street Kurt-Schumacher-Straße in Hanover, who is his neighbor. She bled to death in the stairwell. Now the surprising turn: There is no charge against the native Iranian.V. is said to be incapable of guilt for having delusions. According to spokeswoman of the court, Irene Silinger, the public prosecutor’s office has applied to the jury court for a preventive detention with the aim of sending V. to a psychiatric hospital. The trial is to start on the 12th of April at the regional court, four days are scheduled for the trial.Sarah S., who studied special education and had been working in the Annastift hospital as a night watch for years, had often had arguments with the perpetrator.But the man had not complained about noise, said the traumatized caretaker of the apartment building. Looking back, however, there were signs that the Iranian was suffering from paranoia. He is said to have reported the student to the police about half a year before the crime: She had penetrated his apartment and had hidden drugs in his food. This seemed so absurd that no investigations were started. In addition, there are said to have been other anomalies.According to lawyer Matthias Waldraff, psychiatrist Tobias Bellin has come to the conclusion that the man suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Waldraff legally represents the parents of the killed Sarah, who will be joint plaintiffs in the trial. How did they react to the news that the perpetrator is unlikely to be punished? Waldraff: “Both have told me that it is easier for them to deal with the crime than if they were dealing with a fully responsible person”.

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