WATCH: Fights between Turkish fascists and Kurds in Herne, Germany

Yesterday, Monday evening, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., a announced rally took place in downtown Herne. The protest demonstration, of about 350 predominantly Kurdish citizens, led past a kiosk. According to initial findings, the meeting participants were provoked by gestures out of this place, so that some stormed into the kiosk and attacked and injured two persons present. Furthermore, one of the windows broke. Afterwards the meeting participants moved on. Then from a Turkish Café a bottle is to have been thrown in the direction of the rally participants. The reaction was very negative and upset. Several people stormed into the café. According to the current state of investigation, furniture and a window of the shop were broken. At least one person inside the café was injured. Also a police officer suffered injuries while intervening. The police officers succeeded in calming the situation.Afterwards the protest march went on to the final meeting place in the pedestrian zone of Herne, where the organizer of the rally ended the rally according to plan. The rally organiser is said to have been injured in the face by members of his rally when he tried to reassure some of the participants. According to initial findings, a total of five people were injured. The police have initiated criminal proceedings, including for breach of the peace.

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