Austria: Afghan stabs a caregiver of a refugee home and stabs a car driver to death while on the run

According to police, an Afghan who allegedly attacked a caregiver for refugees with a knife in a shelter for asylum seekers in Wullowitz (Freistadt district) on Monday stabbed a car driver to death while fleeing. The suspect then fled in his car. The search has so far been without success. The seriously injured caregiver was flown to a hospital in Linz. Why the suspect attacked the caregiver with a knife was unclear for the time being. According to police, the suspect may not have resided in the shelter. In the evening, a large manhunt was carried out in the border area with the Czech Republic, during which a helicopter was also in deployment. In the evening, the Upper Austrian police issued a public search warrant for a suspicious Afghan. He is on his way with a brown Citroen C3 with the registration FR-640K. Every police station or the emergency number 133 will take clues.

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