Germany: A devout Muslim plagued and tortured his girlfriends

Sadist. Torturer of women. Thug. If the accusations are true, then Mirsad G. (22 y.o) is all that in one person.The man, who was born in Kosovo and has a British passport, is said to have mistreated his girlfriends for months. The accusations in the trial at the regional court in Wadern: among other things dangerous bodily injury, deprivation of liberty. G. may be imprisoned for up to ten years.He was friends with his first girlfriend (16 y.o) from April to September 2018. The Muslim is said to have forced her to live strictly according to the Koran.  Mirsad G. allegedly forbade her to contact her parents and did not let her go to school. He is also said to have beaten her repeatedly. According to the prosecution, he banged her head against a window pane until she was covered with blood. And he is said to have thrown a McDonalds drinking glass in her face – a laceration.His next girlfriend (18 y.o) is said to have suffered even more from him. “The accused, a strict devout man, decided to punish and chastise the victim, with whom he had had a relationship since the end of 2018/beginning of 2019,” the prosecution says. Mirsad G. is said to have beaten the young woman with a squared timber and whipped her with the cable of an iron.. And he is said to have hurt her on her arms and bottom with a cigarette and a stove poker from the fireplace and burned her. Consequences: Fractures of the rib, cheekbone and eye socket.After the abuse, the accused allegedly locked the 18-year-old in a room. She managed to escape from the apartment on February 25. She escaped to a neighbour who then called the police.Mirsad G. has not yet commented on the allegations. His defender Christine Günther did not want to speak to the tabloid BILD.The trial will continue on October 23.

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