German Soccer Club St.Pauli: Ultras demand dismissal of Sahin

A statement of solidarity for the Turkish military by football pro Cenk Sahin has sparked dismay at second division FC St. Pauli and protests among the fans. The 25-year-old Left Wing welcomed the Turks’ Syria offensive on Instagram. “The FC St. Pauli clearly distances itself from the post and the content, because it is incompatible with the values ​​of the club.The club has already talked to the player and works internally on the subject.As long as the internal work-up is not completed, FC St. Pauli will not comment on that, never again war! “, wrote the club on Friday on his homepage. Sahin had posted in Turkish: “We are on the side of our heroic military and armies, our prayers are with you!” Attached is the name of the military operation. The Pauli-Ultras then demand the separation from the professional. “It is not the first linguistic and media slippage of Sahin in this issue, in the past he expressed himself pronationalist, loyal to the regime and contemptible about the dying of the Kurdish population,” write fans and demand: “For us Ultras is therefore certain that Cenk Sahin is no longer in the jersey of FC Sankt Pauli We are calling on the club to fire Cenk Sahin today, Friday 11 October! ”

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