Germany: “Fridays for Future” activists are annoyed by what they consider to be too much attention paid to the synagogue in Halle, which has been attacked by terrorists

Because in their opinion politicians are not doing enough against the climate crisis, around 50 “Fridays for Future” activists protested in front of the exhibition grounds in Nuremberg yesterday. The reason: German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the trade union conference of IG Metall and the activists wanted to welcome her with a protest. The motto of the rally was: “We bury our earth”. The demonstrators staged a funeral with flowers, grave candles, lights and a small grave.One of the demonstrators was particularly noticeable. Osteopath Björn L. (50 years old) proudly carried up his self-made poster.On the poster it was written: “If the climate were a synagogue…. What an outcry!!!” 
“For me, the climate is simply more important right now,” says the Nuremberg native. And: “The terrorist attack in Halle was terrible, but what happens to the climate is much more terrible. The climate crisis affects us globally”. He himself considered his poster to be radical, but according to Björn L. this is the only way activists would be heard by politicians.He went on to say: “If only a part of the compassion that was shown for the synagogue in Halle would be shown for our climate, then I wouldn’t have to stand here today”.

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